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Lumini Smart Controller.

Led light most advanced best choice!

Features    Performance    Tech Specs
The Lumini Smart Controller use the newest and popular technology DMX & PMW control way. Wire type connection.
  • Simulate Moon phase, lunar calendar cyclic control.
  • Timer & dimming 24 hours cycle.
  • Moonlight mode.
  • Thunderstorm mode Simulate a period of the rain.
  • Eight independent lights timers pattern meet user’s timing demand.
  • Multiple join technology, hundreds of Light share same signal.

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Aquarium lighting-Lumini smart controller

Digital signal Command

Lumini aqua controller use digital signal technology, controller transmit digital signal to decode board use signal cable or wireless connection, Digital Signal transform for PWM signal, Our decode with 256 gray scale can supply independent smooth intensity ( dimming), signal more steady, don’t Off signal.
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Aquarium lighting-Lumini smart controller-PWM Tech
Aquarium lighting-Lumini smart controller-modes

Multiple Woking Mode

Aqua Control moonlight light mode, thunderstorm mode, Auto mode and Manual mode meet customer individuation demand.
Moonlight mode simulate moon light shine in water, adhere to aquarium’s organisms grow regular pattern
Thunderstorm Mode simulate the period which cloud wether change to rain sky flashing lightning, User program the thunderstorm frequency & hour
Auto Mode work follow ex-factory settings & users new set include set the hour, intensity, lunar phases etc.
Manual Mode users manual operation each channel intensity, from 0%-100% Uninterrupted dimming
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Versatile Timer setting

8 independents light timers pattern meet user’s timing demand, User can Set any timer achieve 24 circle timer & dimming ( Ramp) and keep for Auto mode working. high-accuracy timer accuracy to for Second.
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Aquarium lighting-Lumini smart controller-time setting
Aquarium lighting-Lumini smart controller-lunar cycle simulation

Simulate Phases of Moon

Lunay Cycle simulates phases of the moon basis on calendar month, Users can set individuality dimmer & timers of each channel for difference Phases of moon basis on your time zone. Auto save the setting Parameter For next time users new setting.
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Quadruple channels separately Control

4 channels 100% usable spectrum for your aquarium, Each Channels separate dimming & timing, Achieve more effect. Also good for users upgrade spectrum and watts.
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Aquarium lighting-Lumini smart controller-channels
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