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Lumini Smart Controller.

Led light most advanced best choice!

Features    Performance    Tech Specs
The Lumini Smart Controller use the newest and popular technology DMX & PMW control way. Wire type connection.
  • Simulate Moon phase, lunar calendar cyclic control.
  • Timer & dimming 24 hours cycle.
  • Moonlight mode.
  • Thunderstorm mode simulate a period of the rain.
  • Eight independent lights Timer patterns meet user’s timing demand.
  • Multiple join technology, hundreds of “lights” share same signal.

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Wireless Control

Wifi Compatible only with Glisten 150R2. No Wi-Fi Compatibility with Gemis 120R1 or Asta 120R1.

Simply Control

Large LCD and easy-to-use interface.

Wireless Control

Connect wirelessly to the Glisten 150R2 with the Wireless Adapter (sold seperately) and control your lighting with the ultimate in freedom!
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Simple Control

With a new color display, press button control and an easy-to-use interface, making this controller a simple joy to use.
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