Lumini in CIPS 2016

The CIPS-China International Pet Show started on 10th November 2016 in Guangzhou. We arrived on 9th to build up our stand.

dav                  IMG_1662


This time we took the main product -Pixie 150, Asta 120 and Glisten 180 for the show

We prepared a SPS tank, which is 150cm long and 80cm wide, with Pixie 150 and Asta 120.  A pretty tank, what do you think?

By the way, These SPS are so cute.


IMG_1719                    IMG_1729

About Pixie 150, we have designed two different spectrum, SPS version and LPS/Mix version.

IMG_1652                     IMG_1734


2.4G module, enabling wireless daisy chain. PWM smart fan to control noise and speed, slient operation.

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Let’s check some pics of Asta 120 which with elegant goosebeck, COB chip with special len, uniform light performance.

IMG_1639                     IMG_1702


During these four days, the people we have met, the people we have communicatedand the people we have only met briefly, have all been sources of delight for us.








In the end, Lumini sales team hopes you guys happy, healthy and wealthy!