Lumini Interzoo 2016

On 23, May 2016, Lumini team made a long trip from China through northern Europe to Nuremberg for the biggest pet trade show in the world, Interzoo.

lumini aqua interzoo 2016

First, big thanks to Leon for helping us to setup the booth and arranged the equipments.

lumini aqua interzoo

With his help, our booth was all set.

lumini aqua interzoo 2016

First day, we had made some friends and communicated with them, it’s really a fantasic experience!

Interzoo lumini led aquarium lighting
Interzoo lumini led aquariumj
lumini led aquarium

Glisten 180 is an eye-catcher in hall 10 with its elegant appearance and great effect on corals.

Lumini Glisten 180 aquarium lighting  Lumini Glisten 180 aquarium lampe

Third day, a group of German experts visited our booth and tested the spectrum of our aquarium light-Pixie series and Asta series, they said our spectrum is very good for corals.

lumini aqua interzoo  lumini aqua interzoo

lumini aqua interzoo  lumini aqua interzoo

The last day in Germany, it’s a wonderful trip. Goodbye, See you in 2018!

Lumini aqua interzoo 2016  Lumini Interzoo 2016  Lumini Aqua Interzoo 2016