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Lumini Pixie 150.

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Lumini Pixie 150 is the most powerful aquarium light on the market! This amazing light will transform your aquarium.

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 led aquarium-Pixie 150.
coral reef light-Pixie 150 spectrum


The reef led light Lumini Pixie 150 supplies the 4 channels with a 100% usable light spectrum for your aquarium. Each channel has separate dimming and timing, achieving a more powerful effect.

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        coral reef light-Pixie 150 lens


We researched and designed the optics of the Lumini Pixie 150 for two years. We test 30 to 120 degree lens of many types. The design is a unique 70 degree lens, allowing light to penetrate the deepest tanks and provide the greatest coverage.

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Numerous experts have stated that 100-150 umol at the sand bed is sufficient to satisfy the light needs of even the most difficult to grow corals. Our in-house testing, experts, and end user data shows that the Lumini Pixie 130R3 blows this requirement out of the water.(No-pun intended) Whether a 12 inch or 36 inch deep tank, The Lumini Pixie 150 can get 650 Par, the Pixie 150 will meet your needs.

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coral reef light-Pixie 150 intensity

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