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Lumini Master_Wi-Fi Controller.

Led light most advanced best choice!

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The reef aquarium lighting System with for channel control use the newest Technology Wifi ( 802.11) Through the windows, Mac or Android Wirelessly connection

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Digital Signal Command

Master unit uses digital signal technology which allows the controller To transmits a digital signal to the decode board a wireless connection. Digital signals transform for a PWM signal. It decodes with 256 gray scale and can supply a smooth independent signal intensity(dimming).

wifi controller digital signal

Simply Setup your Device

The Master can Customize different spectrum for any coral or aquarium ,Four channels separately control and setup 100 points per LED color channel,customize the color for different weather patterns. Setup 8 independent light timer patterns for each channel meet the aquariums growing cycle. Set timing for weather patterns.All control is available wirelessly on laptops , iphone or ipad. Simply powerful control !

Weather Effects

Setting weather and cloud across your light fixtures. Has never been easier .add simulated lightning to the mix for the ultimate in weather effects. Let your coral grow in reality Environment, Providing amazing visual effects


Lunar Cycle

The Lunar Cycle not only simulates moonlight but also can Simulate tide cycle control your pump by Master controller ( pump available soon) .The Lunar phases of the moon based on the calendar month. Users can set moonlight by Manual setting or Auto setting and creates different phases of the Moon based on your timezone.Wave make pump also be setup on the time and location.

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