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Lumini Asta 150.

It is to design for deep water aquarium more...

Project Description

Lumini Aqua Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality LED aquarium lighting, proudly announces the release of the Asta. It will bring new features and innovations to the industry and raises the bar for the competition.
The Asta is designed for the growth of your coral reef. Lumini Aqua System uses PWM technology which improves brightness, fan speed, and fan noise control.
A unique form of spectral design, for precise color blending and optimal coral growth. With the new design light intensity can be varied on four independent channels, to find the desired color and intensity mix. All channels are dimmable and compatible with the Lumini Master ( Wi-Fi) Controller, including Lunar Cycle, Thunderstorm, Moonlight, Cloud, Sunrise and Sunset modes.

Project Details

  • Client Led aquarium light system
  • Date November 7, 2014
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