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Lumini Pixie 150.

31cm long body, illuminate your tank at the optimal

Products Description

New arrival Pixie 150 is 150w, high fashion and lightweight design. 31cm long body size, easily cover 70-90cm long and 60cm wide tank. In addition, we use high power COB chips, which enable Pixie 150 to illuminate your tank at the optimal!

Regarding heat dissipation, Pixie uses passive cooling and two fans, absolutely cool and silent operation! Furthermore, we apply PWM technology to control fans, self-monitoring function, fans’ speed will lower down as operation wattage changes. If one fan broke down, the intensity of whole light will lower down so as to reduce heat and protect whole system.

As for control features, wifi control is essential function, this model built-in 2.4G module enabling wireless daisy chain, you can program Pixie 150 on both Android phone and Apple wirelessly. There’re 4 programmable channels for you to customize spectrum, and set up timer and dimmer. And lifelike weather simulations to provide your corals with natural environment!

led aquarium light -Pixie 150

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  • Date June 23, 2016
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