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Full Refund within 30 days
If you’re not satisfied with our products, you’re allowed to send back the goods to us in original packaging. Please notice that shipping cost for return is at your cost and initial delivery cost will not be refunded.also any fees or any accident produce at the process you ship back pls take the responsibility at your side.pls keep the goods  well packaged and not damaged.Once we receive the goods, the money you spend on the goods will be refunded to you immediately.

ONE-YEAR Warranty Perio
Our products are 100% modular built, to change a modular is as easy as plug and play. We supply one year warranty against any natural faults. LED lighting fixures are designed to perform flawlessly within the expected lifetime. However, defective LED modules or other parts may occur. Within the warranty period we will send replacement for defective parts quickly and free of charge. What you need is only a screwdriver! But please coorperate with us with the maintenance, we may need you to send us clear photos of the defective parts so as to help us to check out the problem.

If you want to send back the light to our factory for repair, please state your name, address, email, product serial number, an explanation of the problem and proof of purchase (copy of invoice/receipt). You must take charge of all packaging, shipping and insurance costs. If possible, please send the items in original packaging. Repairs generally take one or two business days. Notice: Shipping cost for the goods back to our factory by your charge. The freight to send back the goods is charged by Lumini.

Lifetime Maintenance
After the warranty period, if any parts of your lights got broken, you can buy the parts from us for replacement. You will be charged for the parts. Please rest assure that we won’t overcharge you, the prices of all the parts you may need is clearly listed on our shop page.

After Sales Support
1.If you have any problem with the operation on our products, please feel free to contact our staffs. We’ll help you to figure it out.

2.Should you accidentally damage your light you will not be covered under our warranty. However, we do offer a repair service so you can return the light to us, we will inspect the damage and provide you with a quote for the repair.

By Lumini Support Team

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Lumini is one of the leaders in led grow light system technology. Our customer want the best lights for their plant growth. They rely on us to research design,and develop lighting systems that compliment nature itself .Their needs are rapidly changing, and Lumini is ideally positioned to evolve with those needs. In that case, Lumini’s goal is to provide led grow lights of innovative solutions and expertise, now and in the future. We propose “environmental, energy-saving, high-efficiency” lighting idea. We determine to create the best LED lighting products with the lowest price of the world and become the most reliable Foreign Sales.

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